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Best International Film:

Directed by: Diego Freitas

Best U.S. Film:

Directed by: Rami Kodeih

Best US Producer:

Produced By: Rachelle Owen, Joshua Owen, Rubber Duck Films

Best script:

Written by: Nora Mariana Salim

Honorable Mention Best Actor & Best Voiceover:

Jeremy Irons 
for “I Wish For You” 

Best Environmental Film & Best Cinematography:

I Wish for You
Directed by: Stuart Rideout
Shot by: Dan Holland

Best Female Director: Wu Yu Fen 
For “There”

Best Student Film & Best First Time Filmmaker:

Directed By: Devan Fujinaka

Best U.S. Actor: Marc Brown
For “Maggie”

Best Youth Actor: Reif Harrison Howey 
For “In the Dark”

Best Youth Actress: Anzal Rehan 
For “Mazloom”

Best International Actress: Sasin Nikompak

Best International Actor: Franco Nero
For “The Prompter - Nil difficile volenti”

Best U.S. Comedy
Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story
Directed By: Brian Colin Foley

Best Music Video: Momento Mori
Directed By: Ami Hanna

Best International Director:
Amplitude Modulation
Directed by: Nicolás Fernández

Best US Animation: Spanish Flowers
Directed By: Ness Tomaselli, Fernando Yanes

Best US Documentary:
The Story Of Spinning 
Directed By: Geoff Levin

Best U.S. Horror: Little One
Directed By: Chris Beyrooty, Logan Fields

Best International Horror

Feed me Slowly

Directed by: Esteban González Luna Gutiérrez

Best U.S. Science Fiction: 
Jade Rising
Directed By: R.L. Scott 
Producer:  @chynaMccoy 
Script writer: @_TiffanyToney_ 

Best International Animation:
Directed By: Accept Cookies

Best U.S. Thriller: The Mark
Directed By: Devin E. Haqq

Best U.S. Series/Pilot: 
Directed By: Joe Lujan, Mike Chat

Best Trailer: 
Love Thy Neighbour
Directed By: Nisha Kapoor, Deidre Jantjies

Best U.S. Composer: Chapter 9
Directed by: Jake Brown
Composed by: Joseph Davenport

Best International Experimental:
Directed By: Rhys William Nicolson

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