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21st Edition

Jan 2023

Best Narrative Film

The Things We Can't Forgive

Director: Zach Cox, Jeff DuJardin

Best Documentary

The Battle of Red Buttes

Director: Robert E. Noll

Honorable Mention Documentary

A Touch of Kindness: Man of Fire
Director: Justin Rowe Tolliver

Best Indie Short

Brothers till the End

Director: Roman Mitichyan

Honorable Mention Indie Short

You Can't Be Here
Director: Zachary A Pope

Best Director


Director:  wesley Tc Howard

Best First Time Filmmaker

Just the Negatives

Director: Andrea Sabatino

Best Actress

Kristina Miller-Weston

To Say Goodbye Is To Die A Little

Best Actor

Will Sayegh


Best Experimental


Director: Jesse Deganis-Librera

Best Animation

Mud on My Shoes

Director: Rosie Geozalian

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series

Web Crawler Episode One Series One White lies

Director: Paul J Lane



Director: Margarita Faneitte

Best Thriller

Hannah's Wild Fire

Director: John Jaret

Best Science Fiction

Second Life

Director: Darrin Rose

Honorable Mention Science Fiction

Director: Nicolaus Taylor

Best Music Video

Director: Tarek Shayne Tabet

Honorable Mention Music video

Scegli Me

Director: fabrizio fanelli

Best Horror

Red Wash

Director: Philip Ledeboer

Best Comedy

A Future In Question
Director: Chris Wilson Orr

Best Producer

Eden River

Jack Evans, Logan Young, Mike Evans, Wade Lynton, James Arran Bevis, Tito West

Best Cinematographer

Gabi Kislat

Darwin's Fox

Best Editor

J.C. Doler

The Blue Dress

Best Composer

Maurice Heerdink

Property for Sale

Honorable Mention Composer

Kit Conway-Colin Fraser-Jim White

Friday Night 

Best Youth Actor/Actress

Actress:  Nora Harriet      The Astronaut

Actor:   Aidan Wallace     Virgil

Best Student Film

El Mozote

Director: Jasmine Galdamez

Honorable Mention Student Film

The night before tomorrow
Director: Ruijing Bu

Best Screenplay (Produced)


Leigh Reddick

Best Unproduced Script


Dana Maree Olita

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