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Best Narrative Film & Best Actor

Better Half

Directors: Pete Johnson, Adam Jones

Starring: Tom Mardirosian

Best Documentary Film

            The Advocate               

Director: UNHCR

Honorable Mention Documentary
Protect the living, Honour the dead

Director: Melina Huet   


Best Indie Short & Best Poster

       A Soldier's Letter        

Director: Calvin Yearsley

Honorable Mention Indie

The Present Mind
Director: Chris Shaw

Honorable Mention Indie Short:

Director: Fareed Kairon

Best First Time Filmmaker

Pictures Only
Director: Charles A. Honeywood

Honorable Mention First Time Filmmaker

       A Mother’s Nature        

Director:    Brody Bernheisel


Best Experimental

Brèves histoires de pierres muettes (Brief Stories of Silent Stones  

Director: Mario Côté

Honorable Mention Experimental 

Director: Adam Hans


Best Animation

        Forgive Me         

Directors:   Michael Covello, Elizabeth Schneider


Best Web/TV Pilot-Series

            One Woman              

Directors:   Dana Lerer, Michal Gassner, Ilana Reina, Limor Shmila, Tal Brenner


Best Narrative LGBTQ


Director:   Kate Johnston

Best Documentary LGBTQ

AB HEUTE - Der lange Weg zum eigenen Namen
Directors: Sophia Emmerich, Samuel Arndt


Best Thriller

         Gus and Chloe          

Director:   Christopher Bates


Best Music video

All Cosmologies

Director: Vasco Mendes


Best Horror

    Father Time    

          Director: Thomas Pickering        


Best Science Fiction


Director:  Tim Hamilton


Honorable Mention Science Fiction

El Camino
Directors: Fernando Campos, Jaime Jasso


Best Comedy

    Best Friends    

Director:   Craig Talbot


Best Script

     END OF DAYS – SHORT    

Writer:   DANNY ALEX


Best Trailer

Better Half

Directors: Pete Johnson, Adam Jones


Best Director


Director:  Nicolas Bosc


Best Producer 

Human Condition

Producer: Aneka Manners

Best Actress & Best Cinematographer 

Jump Seat

Actress: Alexa Ré

DOP: Dru Williams 

Director: Aaron Colborn

Honorable Mention Best Actor 

Dust To Dust

Director: Claudia Selby

    Actor: David Westhead      


Honorable Mention Cinematographer & Best Student Film

Walk Alone

Director: Lamu Shangchoo

DOP: Evan Feng

Best Editor & Honorable Mention Indie

A Nice Jew

       Director:  Sam Syrett          


Best Female Director & Honorable Mention Student Film

Bea, Seriously

Director: Hanna Gray Organschi    


Best Composer:

George Kostopoulos for Prelude & Fugue in Dm

Best Youth Actress

Kayden Tokarski   for   

Message from the Mermaids


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